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Hi I am Yeukai

I created a platform for entrepreneurs, experts and business owners to share their knowledge with the world in 2015 — Yeukai Business Show. I have been privileged to interview over 400 successful business experts, and we are currently ranked among the top 3% most popular registered podcast out of 2,809,657 podcasts globally, ranked by Listen Score. Yeukai Business Show was once ranked number 3 on the Apple podcast. We are currently ranked number 4 among the top 50 Business podcasts in the United Kingdom.

About This Gig

Do you know how experts really struggle to reach new audiences and share their expertise with the masses?

Well, I take struggling and enthusiastic wanna be popular podcast guests who have no clue about Podcast guesting from zero to massive exposure with just one feature on my Popular Business Show Podcast. Take a look at some of my previous guest testimonials.

Will YOU be my next guest?

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Pricing Plans



10mins talks on my Premier Biz Show

Includes promo link and permanent link on site. No credit for missed interview.

1 Podcast Aggregator
14 Days Delivery


30mins talks w/ our superb co-host

Everything in Basic PLUS Link of the guest social media/website to our platform, One-time promotion

1 Guest Interview Submission
5 Podcast Aggregators
1 Blog Post
Keyword Optimization & SEO


1hr interview with Yeukai himself

Everything in Standard PLUS Swipe file, Evergreen Podcast Promotion, Guest can promote own products

2 Guest Interview Submissions
10 Podcast Aggregators
1 Blog Post
Keyword Optimization & SEO
2 Show Quotes

Frequently asked questions

Will there be refund in case I miss my interview?

Unfortunately no, we do not offer refunds nor credits for missed interview. Please be mindful of the date and time we have sent you so that you may avoid unnecessary inconveniences Or reach out to us immediately if you are unavailable on the date and time scheduled so that we may adjust accordingly

What is your show called and where would I be able to listen to it

My show is called the Yeukai Business Show and I have interviewed over 400+ successful business owners and ranked TOP 3 most popular registered podcast globally by Listen Notes; You can listen to us on any popular internet stations like iTunes, Google Podcasts, Deezer, TuneIn, and many more!

Will you be sending me questions?

Unfortunately no. So please be sure to submit to us the form we required you to fill up and of course your bio, website or any relevant information you may want to be included. All of these may be conveniently accomplished in the requirement tab of your order. So please be sure to read it. Thank you

How do you conduct your orders?

We conduct our interviews mainly through Zoom or Vectera